Experts, decision makers, activists, young leaders, creatives, local and national authorities, organisations and individuals from across sectors are invited to share fresh and transforming proposals that break through silos to accelerate and collaborate on SDG action.

Through big picture discussions, deep dive dialogues, interactive workshops, lightning talks, UN digests, performances and immersive experiences, together we will:



Dig deeper into thematic issues, hone in on contextual nuances, and provide substantive discussions, masterclasses, innovation incubations to provide deep, tangible, quantifiable, insights on what needs to happen to achieve the state of the world we need and want. These sessions will set the vision for what can be achieved with this combination of adaptation, action and ambition and call for action to mobilise specific counterparts, constituencies and citizens to ensure this vision is realised.

experiences and
virtual exhibits:

Virtual, Augmented and mixed realities creators, game developers, photographers, illustrators, street and sound artists working across mediums are invited to share their art and take the SDG Action Zone crowd on a journey. Virtual exhibit and immersive spaces will showcase new media, new technologies, innovations, artwork, games and immersive experiences that enables participants experience the Future of our world from different perspectives, learn different ways of doing things, and take action for transformative change.


Honest and bold talks that deliver a very human, story-telling style of sharing information and insights.

Reimagine Talks

Inspirational leaders will reflect on personal or immediate failures that led up to adapting to a disrupted environment and to realizing the urgency of systemic change. Through their own experience, in these 15 minute spotlights, they will focus on the levers needed to be pulled to move the system towards the SDGs. These are their stories on why and how they couldn’t go back to business as usual.

Lightning Talks

Multi-disciplinary experts will share action-oriented insights into what needs to and can be done to unleash the transformative change required to truly drive progress at this critical inflection point. These 7-minute, quick fire insights will provide the tangible and ambitious solutions that have the power to supercharge impact in relation to one or more of the themes in focus. These expert insights will be sourced from a tapestry of sectors, disciplines and geographies, each honing in on a specific context for action, which together will frame the innovation required at global, regional, national and sub-national levels.

and multi-media

Art has always explored and assimilated the experience of upheaval and has served societal change throughout history. Emerging and established performers, musicians, film-makers, poets and artists from around the world will share work that capture the urgency, hope and ambition of the current moment. Through their work, participants of the SDG Action Zone will be challenged to imagine the world in radically different ways.


A register for individuals from a range of backgrounds to express an interest in sharing their diverse perspectives and expertise at events hosted in the Zone.

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