Trailblazing in business

In September 2022, Patagonia’s CEO and Founder Yvon Chouinard “gave away his business.” He transferred 100% ownership of the company – donating all future profits to help fight climate change. His rationale was simple yet bold — “Instead of extracting value from nature and transforming it into wealth, we are using the wealth Patagonia creates […]

How to boost global SDG movements?

No matter the crisis – be it climate change, inequality, or human rights violations – social movements have consistently drawn attention to societal grievances and advocated for needed change. This session will bring together varied voices from different movements addressing critical topics. The aim is to discuss the impact and indicators of successful movements, identify […]

Overdue, but not too late

In the Closing Session of the SDG Action Zone, we’ll share how the Global Goals turn up in local communities. Ultimately, for this work to be meaningful, it needs to have an impact on people’s lives and the planet. Otherwise, we risk mere words without true transformation. The Deputy Secretary-General will give a reality check […]

Accountability + Action for People + Planet

In a world shaken by the forces of climate change—fierce heatwaves, flash floods, severe droughts and raging wildfires—the need for action has never been more urgent. Activists and political leaders join this session, diving into the heart of the matter and one of the most effective climate solutions: accountability. The session looks at what this […]

How do we know what’s working?

We know we’re missing the mark when the SDGs feel distant, without a tangible sensation of impact on people’s lives and the planet. Part of the problem is how we measure ‘real’ success. Relying solely on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), for example, won’t guarantee equal benefits for all in society. On the contrary, it rewires […]

Arts + Culture for People + Planet

From what we see on the big screen and red carpets to museum and gallery walls, arts and culture leave more than just a fleeting impression. They shift public mindsets, guide the conversations we have, and ultimately shape cultural narratives. These impacts go beyond the personal level; there’s a structural impact as well. By reframing […]

Welcome to the SDG Action Zone 2023

The latest SDG Progress Report says it all. Just 15% of the 140 SDG targets are on track to be met by 2030. Still, a radically transformed world is possible. All eyes will be on world leaders at this year’s UN General Assembly and SDG Summit, which marks the halfway point for the SDGs. In […]

Closing – Climate

The last day of the 2022 Action Zone will end with an exclusive performance by Inna Modja.

Closing – Gender

Wrapping up a brilliant day of fierce, feminist conversation, we’ll end with a special performance by Diane Warren and Sofia Carson.