Arts guiding the way to the SDGs

IN CONVERSATION “The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is – it’s to imagine what is possible” – Bell Hooks. Art has long played an integral role in conveying messages of evolution, revolution, freedom and creativity, and a messenger to the masses of global issues. Art has the transformational […]


CLOSING SESSION In this closing plenary, young voices will take center stage for a final discussion with the UN Deputy Secretary-General  and reflect together on all they have heard in the past three days in the SDG Action Zone, and what they plan to do to keep the promise of the SDGs within their sphere […]

Local Action for Global Change

IN CONVERSATION Governments continue to serve an oversized role in fighting the current climate crisis, simply by honoring their commitments of the Paris Agreement. While it was national leaders who signed the Agreement, it is the cities, where most of the world’s population lives, that will have to find out how to meet those targets. […]

Indigenous Perspectives on Planetary Health

LIGHTNING TALK Climate change can often feel like a distant issue. However, for many, the effects of our warming planet are inescapable – impacting their ways of life. Throughout history, indigenous communities have lived within the means of the planet and protected the world’s ecosystem. Today, this existence is threatened by decisions and choices, made […]

Transforming Food Systems

IN CONVERSATION Moving beyond the traditional agricultural community, the UN Food Systems Summit will bring everyone to the table to have a discussion around what ‘good food’ means in their lives, communities and for the world at large. Good food brings together families, keeps us healthy, shapes and preserves cultures and is the bedrock of […]

Financing Climate Transitions

LIGHTNING TALK From Antarctica to the Caribbean, Sandra Guzmán has witnessed first-hand the impacts of the climate emergency. The world needs to move fast towards a low carbon and resilient development and this needs to happen in the next 8 years. To do that, we need to decarbonize the financial system. In this Lightning Talk, […]

The Great Energy Transition

PANEL In the words of the UN Secretary-General, “It is time to flick the ‘green switch’. We have a chance to not simply reset the world economy but to transform it.” From decarbonization to renewable energy, this panel will explore how the next industrial revolution can be the great energy transition. It will dive into […]

Circular Economy: Designing for the Future

IN CONVERSATION This conversation will focus on the opportunities of the circular economy, compared to our current ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, and how it redefines growth as ‘positive society-wide benefits’. This conversation will demonstrate how the circular model of production and consumption can tackle today’s challenges, and act as a driver for economic growth, jobs, and […]

The Big Picture

OPENING SESSION 2021 has been marked as the make-or-break year for climate, but if you’re reading this, it’s not too late to save the planet. It’s the year to restore our balance with nature, tackle the climate emergency, protect food systems, and get ahead of the pollution crisis – all while ensuring no one is […]


CLOSING SESSION In this closing plenary, young voices will take center stage. Sharing their own epiphanies and moments that energized them, the young leaders will reflect on the day’s conversations – especially around topics of women in leadership, feminist movements, discriminatory policies, as well as societal and cultural shifts. The closing will distill the key […]