Closing Plenary – Gender

CLOSING PLENARY This session will spotlight young feminist activists, to hear their frank opinions and takeaways from the conversations and sessions of the day. Outlining the broad themes of the day, this discussion will feature exciting voices in the gender equality movement. They’ll be sharing their own stories and focusing on the work still to […]

Achieving Gender Equality: How Change Happens

PANEL This session will spotlight the changemakers working to make progress on SDG 5 through legislative processes, cultural shifts, or political routes at the global and local level. Representing the multi-faceted challenge of making gender equality a reality, these speakers are experts on reproductive health rights, ending sexual abuse and exploitation, equality for the LGBTQ+ […]

Making Equality a Reality

IN CONVERSATION One year on from the launch of Generation Equality Forum, and over 25 years since the Beijing Declaration in 1995, progress on gender equality is not happening quickly enough. The achievement of gender equality would have enormous socio-economic ramifications, impacting the lives of people of all genders and identities. Yet, not a single […]

Opening Plenary – The Big Picture

OPENING PLENARY The equality and inclusion of women can no longer be considered an option – it’s a prerequisite for achieving an equitable and sustainable future. The 2nd day of the SDG Action Zone will draw attention to the tangible action needed to make gender equality a reality. From guaranteeing women’s economic inclusion by recognizing […]

Opening Plenary – The Big Picture

OPENING PLENARY From the ‘two-speed’ recovery to Covid-19, to the uneven effects of climate change, to the military conflicts devastating communities, right now, the world is facing a multitude of intersecting, inescapable crises spanning the globe. Developing countries are bearing the brunt of these disasters, as inflationary pressures on food and oil exacerbate an already […]

Saving Lives in Crises

IN CONVERSATION The world is facing multiple and compounding crises at the moment: from the war in Ukraine and its impact, and conflict in other regions of the world, to destructive climate crises, including floods and fires, the risk of famine, economic instability, global inflation and the remnants of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with numerous, […]

Responding To The Times: Equity, Access, Recovery

PANEL The global economy has been wounded by the impact of Covid-19, military conflict in Ukraine, and severe constraints on the future of food, energy, and finance. Inflationary and access pressures on food and oil supplies are adding to an already precarious economic environment, making the lives and livelihoods of people globally increasingly fragile. Estimates […]

Transforming Education

IN CONVERSATION The ‘in-conversation’ will provide a bridge to the recent Transforming Education Summit that took place only days earlier aimed at mobilizing political ambition, action, solutions and solidarity to transform education: to take stock of efforts to recover pandemic-related learning losses; to reimagine education systems for the world of today and tomorrow; and to […]

Building Sustainable Peace

IN CONVERSATION Women are often the hardest hit during conflicts and crises. As the world struggles to respond to multiple, ongoing humanitarian conflicts and disasters, the United Nations Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund supports women and their local organizations to be a force for crisis response and lasting peace, galvanizing support from across the globe […]

Closing Plenary – Poverty and Inequalities

CLOSING PLENARY In this closing plenary, young leaders will reflect on what they have heard and learnt over the course of the day. As conversations have spanned from the transformation of education, to human rights, desinformaiton, modern slavery and humanitarian action, there’s a lot to digest! Speakers will highlight the moments that spoke to them […]