Peace and Security for All

LIGHTNING TALK The current situation in Afghanistan – particularly for women and girls – is a tumultuous one. With growing violence and stalled peace talks, SDG progress in the region is vulnerable to further significant setbacks. The lived reality on the ground witnesses an escalation in gender-based violence, as well as a targeting of educators, […]

Equal Rights, Equal Choices

IN CONVERSATION Equal rights means equal choices. It means breaking the taboos that stand in the way of people’s fundamental rights. Currently, only 55% of girls and women around the world are able to make decisions about their own bodies. By restoring this fundamental power in their daily decision-making, and ultimately their political and economic […]

A New Era for Women and Girls

PANEL A new era is on the horizon – one that is shaped by women and girls and that invests in their dreams and ambitions. This panel discussion will carve a clear path to make gender equality a reality. It will first zoom into lives at the community level to those who are doing everything […]

Turning our weaknesses into strengths

LIGHTNING TALK “We live in the 21st century, yet misogyny and sexism is deeply embedded into the schemes of our society and our psyche.” Neelam Gill shares her story of loss, despair, and an abusive relationship that changed her view of the world. Out of fragility and darkness can arise strength and resilience. She encourages […]


OPENING SESSION Across many dimensions, COVID-19 has dealt a massive setback to gender equality – impacting the way women live, work, and contribute to communities at large. From gender-based violence to stunted participation in the workforce, these setbacks need to be urgently addressed. The opening panel will set the stage of where we stand with […]

Poverty and Inequalities

CLOSING SESSION In this closing plenary, young leaders will take center stage. Speakers will reflect on the day’s conversations – sharing their own epiphanies and moments that inspired them – especially around topics of vaccine equity, inclusive economic systems, education, social protection, racial justice, and digital connectivity. Tying together the different threads of the day, […]

Combatting Racism and Discrimination

IN CONVERSATION Discrimination permeates all of our societies globally. It is not new, and it is not disappearing. We must actively build a world that tackles the pervasive legacy of slavery, segregation, and discrimination – leveling the playing fields of minority populations. Connecting the experiences, and in solidarity, of different global movements, this conversation will […]

Digital Rights

LIGHTNING TALK The digital world is meant to serve all – yet with deep human biases baked into AI and a lack of access felt universally, the stark reality is that the digital world divides many. Valentina Muñoz Rabanal sounded the alarm on how technology perpetuates existing inequalities. By leaning into representation and adding ethics […]

Social Protection and Jobs

IN CONVERSATION COVID-19 has splintered the cracks in our systems and turned them into canyons. With global unemployment expected to stand at 205 million in 2022, compounded by the fact that social protection benefits are failing to reach more than half the global population, inequalities are on the rise. Reforms on basic incomes, universal health […]

Empowerment through Education

LIGHTNING TALK The current pandemic has deepened the existing learning crisis and further exacerbated the mismatch between education, training and job prospects. Given the state of education at the moment, millions of students are being left at a disadvantage. This begs the question, how do we actively build a future that prepares each and every […]