Lightning Talk | Stage 1

In this talk, Ren Wan will share the failures and insights she has gained from the past 9 years of upcycling and promoting secondhand clothing to modern-day consumers in Hong Kong. Her experiences have demonstrated that sustainable fashion consumption is not about products – it is about education and experience. Case studies include JupYeah’s swapping events, ‘Mobile Wardrobe’ clothing giveaway bike tours, Fashion Clinic’s Slow Stitch Project and ‘One Yarn’ re-yarning project.



Ren Wan
Co-founder of JupYeah

Ren Wan is Co-founder of JupYeah and LookMatters, and an advocate of environmental issues, green living, and slow fashion. Ren Wan established herself as a magazine editor and worked at WestEast Magazine as Managing Editor and Contributing Editor at MING Magazine. In 2011, she waved farewell to her role as a constantly-travelling journalist and decided to stay in her home town to pursue a postgraduate diploma in sustainable development and co-found JupYeah, which promotes swapping and raises awareness on overconsumption and waste. In light of excessive fashion consumption and waste in Hong Kong, JupYeah launched ‘LookMatters’ in 2014 to promote second-hand fashion.

September 23, 13:00
13:00 — 13:10EST(GMT-4) (10′)

Circular Economy, Education, Planet

Ren Wan (JupYeah)