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Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) – Target 16.10: Freedom of information about & for the SDGs

Press freedom and public access to information are prerequisites for the SDG16 goal of ‘peaceful, accountable and inclusive’ societies, and for tracking advances and setbacks in all 17 SDGs. GFMD member groups in more than 100 countries are monitoring progress in this key target.
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Using Art and Technology to Drive Action

Unequal Scenes is an extremely successful platform to drive action around inequality. It revolves around three key areas – See – Acknowledge – Act. I will discuss how my journey has evolved and how this method can be applied to other creatives working in every SDG. The key takeaway is that new perspectives can actually make a difference. We intend to provoke and inspire the audience into feeling excited about using new technology, experimenting, and collaborating together to solve these hugely complex problems.
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#YouthRising — The power of social media and mass mobilisation for climate action

The event is about the growing power of social media and mass mobilisation to help solving the climate crisis when young people and climate activists worldwide stand, connect and speak out for climate action.
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September 27, 15:15
15:15 — 15:45EST(GMT-4) (30′)

SDG Action Zone

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