Lightning Talk | Stage 1

The Dante Movement is an open invitation to filmmakers, artists & producers around the world to highlight data from the 2030 Agenda in movies & artistic series. The creators of Dante will share their story and how their methodology balances entertaining fiction with accurate scientific data.


Paloma Andrés Urrutia
Sustainable Development Director, Fiction Changing the World
Paloma is a psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of International Development and Sustainability, as an entrepreneur, as a social and strategic consultant and advisor for projects of private companies, NGOs, public institutions and Multilateral Agencies. Paloma is an expert in Multistakeholder Partnerships. She’s part of the Partnership Broker Association. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for people and social sciences, she is the founder of diverse projects: a hotel in Nicaragua, an NGO, a center for people with special needs in extreme poverty and, now, an audiovisual production company. She is the president of “Fundación Funciona”.
Rhoda Nieto Wainwright
Producer & Screenwriter, Fiction Changing the World
With more than 15 years of professional experience in the editorial, film, television and advertising world, Rhoda has had the opportunity to work with illustrious Directors such as Oliver Stone and Paul Greengrass. She has specialized in different disciplines of the cinematographic process such as Production, Direction and Screenwriting, which gives her a deep knowledge of the Industry. Her works have been awarded and selected in dozens of international festivals around the world. She is an activist for LGBTIQ+ rights.
September 24, 10:15
10:15 — 10:25EST(GMT-4) (10′)

Climate, Creativity & Culture, Data, Environment, Inequalities, Leave No One Behind, Partnerships

Paloma Andrés Urrutia (Fiction Changing the World), Rhoda Nieto Wainwright (Fiction Changing the World)