Breakout session | Stage 2

Host: Project Everyone + GPSDD + SDSN

To ensure we achieve the Global Goals, we need to know how much or how little progress we have made towards achieving them, what the state of the world is and identify the gaps in data available. SDGs Today is a new timely data portal developed by SDSN in partnership with ESRI and National Geographic Society, that aims to provide a snapshot of the state of sustainable development around the world at this current moment. The portal’s datasets are based on new data sources and methods, updated regularly, and have been produced within the last year. This session will focus on the importance of timely data and the scientific solutions we need to achieve the SDGs as they mark their five year anniversary. The discussion will be divided into three challenges the world is facing now, inequality, health and climate, with speakers focusing on the solutions. To achieve the Global Goals, we need a range of actions from multiple stakeholders. This breakout session will shed light on the range of actions we need to take to make the 2030 Agenda a reality for all; from business innovations to protecting civil society spaces to supporting activists on the ground and to ensuring the availability of more timely data to prevent misinformation. The session will be hosted ahead of the Global Day of Factivism – as the SDGs mark their 5th Birthday, we want to show the state of the world and how the SDGs are the best framework to recover from the pandemic and build a better and more sustainable world for everyone, everywhere.



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September 24, 14:30
14:30 — 15:15EST(GMT-4) (45′)

Activism, Data, Partnerships, Technology

| Host: Project Everyone + GPSDD + SDSN |, Alice Macdonald (Project Everyone), Claire Melamed (Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data), Hamzat Lawal (Connected Development), Jeffrey Sachs (Economist), Rosario Del Pilar Diaz Garavito (Youth Power Panel Member / Restless Development)