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The world’s seventh largest economy based on GDP doesn’t belong to a single country, and isn’t even on land, yet, it’s valued at around $3 trillion annually, and supports the livelihoods of more than 3 billion people. It’s the ocean. In this talk, Dona Bertarelli – the fastest woman to sail around the world – will account her  voyage from sailing the high seas, advocacy efforts for the blue economy, and ocean conservation work. She will call on the public sector to develop regulations and support economic diversification, financial institutions to invest in the blue economy, and consumers, civil society and youth to raise awareness on the issue.


Dona Bertarelli
Special Adviser for the Blue Economy

Dona Bertarelli is a successful philanthropist, investor, sportswoman, and ocean advocate.

As the Special Adviser for the Blue Economy for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Dona Bertarelli will help promote a sustainable and regenerative blue economy, particularly in developing countries.

She is co-chair of the Bertarelli Foundation, where she leads programmes to establish large-scale Marine Protected Areas, as well as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Friends of Ocean Action, and a founding patron of Womanity Foundation, which works to accelerate gender equality.

She believes in the power of business to do good for society, and drove the family pharmaceutical business Serono’s philanthropy and educational programmes.

Dona Bertarelli is the founder and skipper of Spindrift racing, a professional sailing team. In 2016, she became the fastest woman to sail around the world, which inspired her to create Spindrift for Schools, an educational programme for schoolchildren.

September 23, 12:30
12:30 — 12:45 EST (GMT-5) (15′)

Activism, Climate, Decent Jobs, Environment, Planet, Youth

Dona Bertarelli (UNCTAD)


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