Lightning Talk | Stage 1

This talk will focus on how UNICEF and Microsoft launched a global learning platform to help address the COVID-19 education crisis through the Learning Passport, a partnership between UNICEF, Microsoft, Cambridge University, with support from the Boston Consulting Group.


Mac Glovinsky
Education Global Program Lead, Learning Passport, UNICEF
Mac Glovinsky is a seasoned innovator with experience delivering user centric projects and products. He possesses deep knowledge of project and product management techniques, data strategy, and insights and has a proven history navigating, solutioning, and delivering value in ambiguous environments and complex humanitarian scenarios. Mac is currently the Global Program manager of the Learning Passport, a partnership between UNICEF, Microsoft, Cambridge University, supported by the Boston Consulting Group, delivering digital education experiences to anyone, anywhere. He is responsible for overall management, cross functional development, financing, and deployment of a premiere digital learning platform and experience for children worldwide.
Jennifer Brooks
Director of Humanitarian Partnerships, Microsoft Philanthropies
Jennifer is the Global Director of UN Relations for Microsoft. Her personal mission and her career are focused in creating a social impact through Sustainable Development. Gender diversity, and girls and women inclusion opportunities are an important driver of her work. As Director of UN Relations, she is responsible of developing and managing strategic UN relations and partnerships aligned to Microsoft’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).
September 22, 10:15
10:15 — 10:25 EST (GMT-5) (10′)

Education, Health, Leave No One Behind, People, Technology

Jennifer Brooks (Microsoft), Mac Glovinsky (UNICEF)


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