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Peace One Day

In this session Jeremy Gilley, the founder and director of Peace One Day will talk about the 20-year journey of Peace One Day.

Jeremy Gilley
Founder and Director of Peace One Day
Peace One Day

From Signals to Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Daily Observations for Sustainable Change in Food and Climate

As individuals, we all experience compelling indicators of food and climate crisis daily. By embracing and harnessing those signals rather than ignoring them, we can inspire change in our peers and organizations, and we can all become changemakers for food and climate security.

Steven M. Finn
VP of Food Waste Prevention

Just do it.

You don’t have to be anyone to be someone. To imagine a dream and achieve it.
Our #RunningDry campaign started as one woman’s dream to solve our water crisis, and when a moment of crisis threatened to derail the project, thousands of people across the world joined to create a global movement for change.

Big problems don’t need to be solved by someone else. They need to be solved by us. Together.
An inspiring story of the power within all of us to create a wave of change.

Mina Guli
CEO & Founder
Thirst (Hong Kong)

September 26, 14:45
14:45 — 15:15 EST (GMT-5) (30′)

SDG Action Zone

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