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During this segment the SDG Action Zone MC will take the audience on a journey from New York to put a spotlight on SDG actions taking place in different locations around the world as part of the Global Week to Act4SDGs. By directing the audience to the global map of action, a selection of actions will be showcased, covering a broad geographic and sectoral diversity and linking to themes associated with each day.

In each segment a few actions will be selected from social media content posted from that day with the MC offering an overview of each action, a guest speaker will share their insights on a certain topic, geography or type of action, and a series of short videos from around the world will be shown that capture the actions from partners.


Ortolani Ottavia
Social Media Manager, Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development

Saturdays for Future Campaign

Ntiokam Divine
Founder & Managing Director

Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN)

September 27, 15:00
15:00 — 15:15EST(GMT-4) (15′)

SDG Action Zone

UN SDG Action Campaign

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