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During this segment the SDG Action Zone MC will take the audience on a journey from New York to put a spotlight on SDG actions taking place in different locations around the world as part of the Global Week to Act4SDGs. By directing the audience to the global map of action, a selection of actions will be showcased, covering a broad geographic and sectoral diversity and linking to themes associated with each day.

In each segment a few actions will be selected from social media content posted from that day with the MC offering an overview of each action, a guest speaker will share their insights on a certain topic, geography or type of action, and a series of short videos from around the world will be shown that capture the actions from partners.


Emmanuel Lobijo-Justine

Junub Open Space, South Sudan

Julia Sanchez
Twitter page
Rosario Diaz Garavito
Founder & Executive Director
The Millennials Movement
Yusuf Omar
Founder Hashtag Our Stories

Former CNN Senior Social Reporter

LinkedIn pageTwitter page
September 23, 14:30
14:30 — 14:45EST(GMT-4) (15′)

SDG Action Zone

UN SDG Action Campaign

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