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Going Beyond Sport: How the sport industry can — and should — help achieve the UNSDGs. This panel will not only explore challenges and ideas, but share commitments and actions from high level decision-makers in sport around key UNSDGs.

Announcements will be made aligning to SDGs for Climate Action, Reduced Inequalities, and Health and Wellbeing – all of which will outline how they are using sport to address them. These announcements will include a $1million dollar fund going toward play equity; a partnership with stadia to go plastic free; and a new program committed to reducing childhood obesity.


[tmm name=”going-beyond-sport-recommendations-and-commitments-from-the-sport-industry-on-how-to-utilize-its-platform-to-achieve-the-sdgs”]

September 25, 08:00
08:00 — 09:00EST(GMT-4) (1h)

SDG Action Zone

Beyond Sport

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