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Going Beyond Sport: How the sport industry can — and should — help achieve the UNSDGs. This panel will not only explore challenges and ideas, but share commitments and actions from high level decision-makers in sport around key UNSDGs.

Announcements will be made aligning to SDGs for Climate Action, Reduced Inequalities, and Health and Wellbeing – all of which will outline how they are using sport to address them. These announcements will include a $1million dollar fund going toward play equity; a partnership with stadia to go plastic free; and a new program committed to reducing childhood obesity.


Kevin Martinez
Vice President

Corporate Citizenship, ESPN

Ovie Mughelli
Environmental Advocate

Ovie Mughelli Foundation

Ana Arizabaleta

Spirit of Soccer

Alyssa Chassman

Unite 2030

Nick Keller
CEO and Founder

Beyond Sport

Kwame King
Young Leader


Ashleigh Huffman
Global Director of Gender Equality

Athletes for Hope

September 25, 08:00
08:00 — 09:00EST(GMT-4) (1h)

SDG Action Zone

Beyond Sport

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