Lightning Talk | Stage 1

Human Rights and marginality are intrinsically connected. Kolanyane-Kesupile asks how we can work, individually and collaboratively, to ensure that inclusion isn’t the result of benevolent gifting, while recognizing the importance of people on the margins contributing to every inch of progress made?


Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile
Director at Kat Kai Kol-Kes International
Katlego Kai Kolanyane-Kesupile is an international award-winning Trans* ARTivist, communications specialist, and cultural architect from Botswana with imprints in human rights, education and performing arts. With global experience as a development practitioner, her approach to inclusion and diversification is informed by decoloniality, Feminism, and Disability theory in practice. Kolanyane-Kesupile holds an MA Human Rights, Culture, and Social Justice (Goldsmiths, UK) and is a multilingual practitioner with a keen eye for purpose driven, sustainable and innovative solutions to world matters. A published author, her writing appears in books, as well as World Economic Forum agenda, Washington Blade, and Mail & Guardian.
September 22, 13:00
13:00 — 13:10 EST (GMT-5) (10′)

Activism, Creativity & Culture, Education, Gender Equality, Leave No One Behind, Multilateralism, People, Youth

Katlego Kai Kolanyane-Kesupile (Performance Artist and TED Fellow)


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