Breakout Session | Stage 1


The COVID-19 pandemic shows the strengths and importance of the digital economy. Today, only half of the world’s 7.7 billion people are connected to the internet and its benefits. This limits the ability of many developing countries to use digital solutions to cope with the current health and economic crisis. Countries with poor infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, skills and local content development, and electronic payment systems are missing out on what a fast-growing digital marketplace can generate. By bridging the digital divide, jobs can be created, informal businesses can enter the formal market, and market access can be increased, in particular for vulnerable groups such as women and youth. The potential of young, digital entrepreneurs needs to be unlocked, a new generation of game-changers will be sharing how this can be achieved.



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September 22, 11:45
11:45 — 12:30EST(GMT-4) (45′)

Data, Health, Inequalities, Leave No One Behind, People, Technology

| Host: UNCTAD |, Alena Dique (UNCTAD Youth Network), Arlette Verploegh (UNCTAD), Brian Wong (Alibaba Global Initiatives), Magellan Mario Jordan Fetalino III (Acudeen Technologies Inc.), Nancy Amunga (Dana Logistics), Uju Uzo-Ojinnaka (Traders for Africa)