Breakout session | Stage 3

Host: Action for Sustainable Development

The session will build from the insights of local community activists who have undertaken a wide range of projects to deliver direct change in their areas. This includes insights from groups working at the frontlines with communities facing the intersecting challenges of the climate emergency and growing inequalities. They will offer direct lived experience of the change that is needed at the community level to improve the lives of people in communities that are being left behind, including ways to address inequalities facing women and youth, and the reality of economic and geographic exclusion. Insights in focus will feature women leadership on the frontlines in Kenya, youth solutions to the climate emergency from West and Southern Africa, India Dalit community response, forest people’s stewardship of the Amazon emergency in Brazil, and voices of the community in Kiribati to inform Pacific Policy Dialogue on Climate Change displacement and relocation. Many of these ground-breaking approaches are based on methods that engage community groups in collective action, joint ownership or volunteer engagement and enable local innovation in terms of community responses to be strengthened. The session will engage and amplify the voices of those who are developing their own innovative solutions and catalysing progress in their own communities. 



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September 22, 11:45
11:45 — 12:30EST(GMT-4) (45′)

Activism, Inequalities, Leave No One Behind, People

| Host: Action for Sustainable Development |, Angela Mendes (Chico Mendes Committee), Beena Pallical (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights), Fatou Jeng (Clean Earth Gambia), Jean-Betrand Mhandu (African Youth Initiative on Climate Change), Josaia Jirauni (PIANGO), Memory Kachambwa (Femnet)