Breakout session | Stage 3

Host: Action for Sustainable Development

The session will build from the insights of local community activists who have undertaken a wide range of projects to deliver direct change in their areas. This includes insights from groups working at the frontlines with communities facing the intersecting challenges of the climate emergency and growing inequalities. They will offer direct lived experience of the change that is needed at the community level to improve the lives of people in communities that are being left behind, including ways to address inequalities facing women and youth, and the reality of economic and geographic exclusion. Insights in focus will feature women leadership on the frontlines in Kenya, youth solutions to the climate emergency from West and Southern Africa, India Dalit community response, forest people’s stewardship of the Amazon emergency in Brazil, and voices of the community in Kiribati to inform Pacific Policy Dialogue on Climate Change displacement and relocation. Many of these ground-breaking approaches are based on methods that engage community groups in collective action, joint ownership or volunteer engagement and enable local innovation in terms of community responses to be strengthened. The session will engage and amplify the voices of those who are developing their own innovative solutions and catalysing progress in their own communities. 



Oli Henman - Moderator
Global Coordinator at Action for Sustainable Development

Oli is the Global Coordinator of Action for Sustainable Development, where he leads the global advocacy and engagement between civil society and multilateral bodies such as the UN and other international institutions. He has considerable experience of working with civil society participation and governance in South America, Europe and around the world. In his previous role at CIVICUS, he led key advocacy on the SDG negotiations, including leading roles in the ‘Sustainable Development 2015’ and ‘Action/2015’ projects, and he contributed regularly to policy developments on citizen participation in the UN and EU decision-making. Prior to CIVICUS, he was Head of Partnerships & International at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations in London, and he was also a co-drafter of the Council of Europe's ‘Code of Good Practice on Civil Participation’. He is half-Brazilian and started his career working on participatory budgeting in the cities and rainforests of Brazil.

Jean-Betrand Mhandu
National Coordinator at African Youth Initiative on Climate Change
Jean-Betrand is one of the Earth Day Network Regional Directors for Africa. He is also the National Coordinator of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change Zimbabwe. He coordinates youth organizations and youth in Zimbabwe and across Africa to actively participate and implement Environmental Management, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation projects. He is an inspirational speaker and has overcome many challenges to speak as an authentic voice of Zimbabwean youth.
Memory Kachambwa
Executive Director at Femnet
Memory is the Executive Director of Femnet- the African Women's Development & Communication Network. She is an intersectional feminist, a women’s rights activist with over 18 years of experience working on issues of gender and development, women’s empowerment and human rights at national, regional (Africa) and international levels. Memory values deep relations that are empowering and timeless.
Beena Pallical
General Secretary at National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
Beena J. Pallical is a Dalit women Leader from India and is currently General Secretary of the Economic and Educational rights wing within the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR). Over the last ten years she has been with the NCDHR working on Dalit Economic Rights. She has been passionately working towards policy changes within Central and State governments to recognise the rights of marginalised communities (Dalits & Tribals) in India. She also heads the Asia Dalit Women’s Economic Empowerment Program that works on empowering Dalit women in South Asia, which is part of the Asia Dalit Rights Forum.
Fatou Jeng
Founder of Clean Earth Gambia

Fatou is a dynamic youth leader on Climate Change and Environmental Development. She is the founder of Clean Earth Gambia, an Environmental NGO working mainly on climate related issues. Fatou is also the Policy Operations lead for Women and Gender to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Youth Constituency and Secretary General of Plant-for-the-Planet Global Board. She has supported several youth policy papers and positions on climate change, especially on the Gender Action Plan, Action for Climate Empowerment, and Youth in Agricultural initiatives to mitigate climate change. She was one of the young people who facilitated youth engagements during the Africa Climate Week in 2019. She was recently part of a group of 20 female climate activists from the Global South who wrote an open letter to the G20 finance ministers during the G20 meeting demanding climate action.

Josaia Jirauni
Researcher at PIANGO (Pacific Island Association of NGOs)
Josaia is a grasroots youth activist from the Pacific Island region and has been active in supporting a wide range of community voices to engage with those who are facing climate induced relocation. As a volunteer, he is providing support to local communities in Fiji on COVID-19 awareness. As a PIANGO Researcher, he has led the Localisation Baseline research in partnership with civil society members from Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu and Kiribati; to track the progress on the Grand Bargain Agreements. He has also spearheaded the establishment of the regional Technical Working Group on Localisation under the Pacific Resilience Partnership.
Angela Mendes
Coordinator at Chico Mendes Committee
Angela Mendes is a socio-environmental activist. She is the Coordinator of the Chico Mendes Committee, a movement created to manage and disseminate the memory and ideals of the rubber tapper leader Chico Mendes, murdered in 1988 fighting for the conservation of the Amazon and the world's rainforests. She was one of the leaders who led the resumption of the Alliance of the Peoples of the Forest in 2018, which strengthens the struggle of indigenous peoples and rainforest populations in the Amazon.
September 22, 11:45
11:45 — 12:30EST(GMT-4) (45′)

Activism, Inequalities, Leave No One Behind, People

| Host: Action for Sustainable Development |, Angela Mendes (Chico Mendes Committee), Beena Pallical (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights), Fatou Jeng (Clean Earth Gambia), Jean-Betrand Mhandu (African Youth Initiative on Climate Change), Josaia Jirauni (PIANGO), Memory Kachambwa (Femnet)