Breakout Session | Stage 2

Host: Impact Hub – Accelerate2030

Join Impact Hub and Accelerate2030 for a lively discussion on how health entrepreneurs are playing a vital role in achieving the progress towards the SDGs. The global pandemic of COVID-10 shows once more that actions to improve healthcare and wellbeing, with strong focuses on access, affordability, and inclusion, requires collaboration and leadership of various actors.

The session covers tangible health solutions by innovative businesses and experts that are at the centre of rebuilding a new economy, and demonstrate how entrepreneurs can move fast to adapt to burning needs, and with access to key resources and networks, can bring their solutions to scale.

The discussion includes entrepreneurs and partners from the global Accelerate2030 program, a global multi-stakeholder initiative with the mission to scale entrepreneurial solutions for the SDGs. Inspirational speakers include entrepreneur Laura Mendoza from Mexico, cofounder of Unima, a biotechnology company focused in the development of fast and low cost diagnostics, as well as Roberto Figueroa, COO of Portal Telemedicina in Brazil, a telediagnostic platform that automatically transfers data across medical devices, allowing doctors to provide fast, low-cost, and online diagnostics, mitigating the uneven distribution of specialist doctors across emerging markets. Health innovation experts such as Pradeep Kakkattil, Director of Programme Partnerships and Fundraising at UNAIDS, will provide insight into the importance of collaboration across sectors in order to achieve scale of these needed solutions to provide access to quality health services for all.



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September 22, 11:45
11:45 — 12:30EST(GMT-4) (45′)

Health, Leave No One Behind, People, Technology

| Host: Impact Hub – Accelerate2030 |, Diana Carolina Quintero (BIVE), Flora Rosenow (Impact Hub Network), Laura Mendoza (Unima), Pradeep Kakkattil (UNAIDS), Roberto Figueroa (Portal Telemedicina)