Day 3: Intro

Plenary Session | Stage 1

Host: SDG Action Zone

Concerted and impactful action requires determined efforts to mobilise the masses beyond a moment of inflection. As the SDG Action Zone turns it’s attention to partnerships of all shapes and sizes, the conventional and unconventional, from the long-standing institutions and multilateral arrangements through to the emerging and creative forces that are joining the ‘good fight’, this opening session will delve into what and is truly needed for lasting impact in the face of barriers to action. How do we reach beyond the bubble to enact change in behaviour, change in priorities and make that change stick? How can we speak truth to power in an age of misinformation and harness the power of media to reach beyond the bubble? How can we tell the stories needed to move broader constituencies to action and keep them involved? How do we break through the noise of facts, figures and counter-arguments in a busy online world to reach people where they are in a way where the message means something to them?


This session will bring together leading story-tellers and communicators to have a frank debate about what is needed to transform this moment of global upheaval into a moment of movement building to create the world we need.


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September 24, 08:00
08:00 — 08:45EST(GMT-4) (45′)


| Host: SDG Action Zone |, Georgia Arnold (Viacom), Melinda Arons (Participant Media), Nadira Hira (Master of Ceremony), Natasha Mwansa (Journalist and Health Advocate), Solitaire Townsend (Futerra), Tatiana Fahie (Girl Up), Zinhle Essamuah (NowThis News)