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Closing ceremony

During this particular high-level week of the 74th General Assembly, the SDG Strategy Hub and the SDG Action Campaign co-organized the SDG Action Zone responding to a desire from non-member state UN stakeholders to be part of this momentum in a meaningful and impactful way. The Zone featured diverse and inclusive expert panels; exhibition spaces; inspiring lighting talks; deep dives into innovative ideas; and high-level receptions highlighting transformative action across sectors. 60+ sessions were held during the whole week with 300+ speakers (60% female speakers); 16 exhibits; 18 immersive virtual reality experiences; 8,000 in-person participants; 75,000+ livestream viewers; 35,000 active audience on social media; 23 million people reached; 87 million hashtag #ForPeopleForPlanet impressions.This is a special thank you to everybody who has made it possible.


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September 27, 17:00
17:00 — 17:30EST(GMT-4) (30′)

SDG Action Zone

Dawda Jobarteh, Hannah Messenger