Closing Session | Stage 1

Closing the ‘Planet’ day of deep-dive dialogues, shared stories and innovations, this session will enforce our direction of travel on climate action. Vanessa Nakate, a global leader in the Fridays for Future movement and founder of Rise Up Movement, will be invited to present her vision of where we go from here. The young powerful activist will underscore the gargantuan shift in action needed for our future, explicitly highlighting who needs to take what forward.

In this conversation with MC Nadira Hira, Vanessa will draw on her own journey as a climate activist from the Global South, and illustrate the interlinkages that she has witnessed between the climate movement and the Sustainable Development Goals. The discussion will be rooted in urgency – how we radically transform our societies at scale before hitting a point of irreversible damage. 


[tmm name=”closing-session-rising-up-for-our-lives-with-vanessa-nakate”]

September 23, 14:30
14:30 — 15:00EST(GMT-4) (30′)


Nadria Hira (Master of Ceremonies), Vanessa Nakate (Climate Justice Activist/The Rise Up Movement)