SDG Advocates session | Stage 1

Host: SDG Action Zone

The panel will discuss in detail specific policies that can move the needle at different levels on the SDGs. Specifically, there will be a focus on upholding dignity and human rights, taking meaningful action that is not just optically-pleasing, and taking action as an individual. The session will empower viewers, giving them concrete actions to take in their own lives or advocate for in their own cities, regions, and countries. The panelists will be women on the frontlines of action, including in the COVID-19 crisis, who can share their lived experience. The session will tackle policies at three levels: government, business and individuals. Each panelist will recommend the policy or action they consider most important at each level, detailing why it is important and how it can be implemented. The panelists will discuss and critique each other’s recommendations in real time


Dr. Alaa Murabit - Moderator
SDG Advocate; CEO, Impact2030
Dr. Alaa Murabit is a medical doctor, Canadian Meritorious Service Cross recipient and a UN High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment & Economic Growth. With a strong focus on challenging societal and cultural norms, Dr.Murabit champions women’s participation in peace processes and conflict mediation as well as the role of local leaders to implement peace and security. In 2016 she founded a global Mentorship Programme for emerging leaders and co-founded the Omnis Institute, an independent non-profit organisation committed to challenging critical global issues through the empowerment of emerging local leaders, and became the Executive Director of Phase Minus 1, which provides thought leadership in conflict resolution and inclusive security. Alaa previously founded and spearheaded The Voice of Libyan Women at the age of 21.
Jana Amin
17 year old Egyptian-American Activist

Jana Amin is an Egyptian-American senior in High School. She has a passion for girls’ education and women in Islam. An avid speaker, Jana gave a TedX-Youth talk on changing the narrative around Muslim women and competes nationally on her school’s speech team. She works closely with The Collateral Repair Project, an NGO based in Jordan to support refugee women and girls and curated an exhibit on the duality of Egyptian women at the American University in Cairo. Recently, she hosted a virtual event, #17for17: Advocating for Girls' Education, which was featured in MarieClaire Arabia and Malala Fund's Assembly. Her internship at the Harvard Kennedy School explored homophobic attitudes in the Middle East.

Jamira Burley
Activist and Social Impact Strategist

Recognized by the Obama White House as a Champion of Change and a Forbes Under 30 Honoree in Law and Policy, Jamira has made it her mission to employ her personal experiences as the driving force to improve the lives of others. From implementing anti-violence programs throughout the City of Philadelphia when she was just a high school student, to organizing youth trainings around the world as an appointee to the United Nations Global Education First Initiative; Youth Advocacy Group, Jamira’s ardor for personal and social advancement is undeniable. She leads with marked expertise on youth engagement, education reform, social impact, gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. In 2018, Jamira was the first United States citizen awarded the Global Leadership Award for Vital Voices and selected as an MIT Media Lab Fellow. Today, she works as a next-gen social impact consultant and Head of Youth Engagement and Skills for the Global Business Coalition for Education; working to create collaborative relationships among youth, bilateral agencies, governments, and business leaders to enable innovative ways to educate, engage and activate young people around the world. Prior to the Global Business Coalition for Education, Jamira was the National Deputy Millennial Vote Director for Hillary for America, former manager at Amnesty International USA overseeing the U.S. justice portfolios addressing gun violence, police accountability and criminal justice reform.

Aigagalefili Fepulea’i - Tapua’i
Urban Orator/Activist
Aigagalefili Fepulea’i - Tapua’i is a 17 year old Samoan bred, South Auckland raised urban orator/activist who addresses climate change, racism, poverty, education, mental health, Pasifika identity, and gender equity to spark intergenerational healing in the communities that raised me. She’s a founder of 4 Tha Kulture, a South Auckland based collective, the national champion of Storytellers 2019, Word The Front Line alumni, member of Pacific Climate Warriors and Head Girl of Aorere College and a published poet in volumes like the NZ Poetry Yearbook and Signals.
September 24, 10:45
10:45 — 11:30EST(GMT-4) (45′)


| Host: SDG Action Zone |, Aigagalefili Fepulea’i – Tapua’i, Alaa Murabit (Impact 2030), Jamira Burley (Activist and Social Impact Strategist), Jana Amin (17 year old Egyptian-American Activist)