Breakout Session | Stage 3

Host: Microsoft

Rapid technological advances are transforming the world of work, bringing both opportunities and challenges. As “digital natives”, young people tend to be early adopters of new technologies. Strengthening their skills for the future of work and matching their creativity and innovation with technology-based solutions will pave the road to a pro-employment COVID-19 recovery. Solutions to turn the tide on youth employment in the times of COVID-19 must be comprehensive and sequenced while ensuring quality jobs for all youth, especially those more disadvantaged in the labour market. This session will draw out key approaches to equip young people with digital skills and life skills that are in high demand in COVID-19 labour markets; explore how to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in public employment services to improve delivery and outreach and promote efficiency so enable transition to decent jobs; and share insights into technology-based solutions that can help young people advance or continue their education enabling them to acquire financial, entrepreneurial and digital literacy skills.



Naria Santa Lucia
General Manager of Digital Skills and Employability, Microsoft Philanthropies
As the skills and employability lead at Microsoft Philanthropies, Naria manages the company’s global philanthropic investments and grant programs in digital skills, computer science education, and career pathways investments to drive digital inclusion and employment outcomes for traditionally underrepresented and under-resourced communities. Prior to joining Microsoft Philanthropies, Naria served as Executive Director of the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS), a unique public-private partnership helping to build the next generation of scientists, engineers, technology specialists, mathematicians, and health care professionals in Washington state through scholarships and support services for low- and middle-income college students.
Sukti Dasgupta
Chief, Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch, ILO
Ms. Sukti Dasgupta is Chief of the ILO’s Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch, which supports governments in developing and implementing gender-responsive employment and labour market policies with a focus on youth, in line with the 2030 Agenda. Ms. Dasgupta has previously worked at the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and in field offices in South Asia and East Asia. She holds a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge. She has published widely in the areas of employment, poverty and gender. She has extensive experience working with policymakers on employment and labour market policies.
Victoria Alonsoperez
UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals
Ms. Victoria Alonsoperez is an electrical engineer, entrepreneur, inventor, UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. In 2012 she invented Chipsafer, a patented platform that can track cattle remotely and autonomously. She won the ITU Young Innovators Competition and the WIPO’s Best Young Inventor Award. In 2014, IADB selected Chipsafer as the Most Innovative Startup of Latin America and the Caribbean, and MIT Technology Review selected Victoria as the Innovator of the Year – Argentina & Uruguay. In 2017 she presented Chipsafer at the UN Solutions Summit.
Rares Man
Global Vice President, Marketing, AIESEC

Rares is a gen Z digital native. As a young leader, he often tells the story of the youngest person in the room. At 23, he currently leads the Global Marketing strategy at AIESEC, the world's largest youth-led organization engaging and developing over 40k youth annually in 110+ countries and territories. At AIESEC, he wears many hats: from conceptualizing large-scale events, engaging thousands of young people in the dialogue around the future of work, digital skills and sustainability to working on reinventing AIESEC's leadership development programs and making sure that AIESEC's message speaks to a truly global audience. Rares works around the clock with youth from all corners of the world. In the past five years, he worked on the ground with youth in Romania, the UK, Morocco, Canada, India, and Russia and led virtual teams spanning across five continents. A first-generation university graduate and an immigrant to the UK from Romania, when talking about the future, Rares never fails to speak of diversity, inclusion and the role of youth in the global workforce. An advocate of representation, he believes that the future must be inclusive above anything else, leaving no one behind.

Lëmnec Tiller
CEO Fundación Wayuuda

Lëmnec Tiller is one of the creators of the Wayuuda Foundation, which is focused on improving the quality of life in underestimated communities across Colombia. From building a school in Uribia to leveraging technologies and designing clean water systems user solar energy, Lëmnec is co-creating solutions with other changemakers to transform lives and futures, benefitting more than a hundred children every year.

September 22, 14:30
14:30 — 15:15EST(GMT-4) (45′)

Decent Jobs, People, Technology, Youth

| Host: Microsoft |, Lëmnec Tiller (CEO Fundación Wayuuda and Youth Activist), Naria Santa Lucia (Microsoft Philanthropies), Rares Man (AIESEC), Sukti Dasgupta (ILO), Victoria Alonsoperez (UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals)