Reimagine Talk | Stage 1

At NASA Kennedy Space Center, Sergie Albino worked as an aerospace engineer contractor, helping prototype a green, sustainable technology to clean persistent toxins from contaminated sediment called SPEARS. Recognizing the potential of this cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology, he co-founded an innovative cleantech company to take this solution to market. In this talk, Sergio aims to convey a message to young aspiring social entrepreneurs and STEM professionals that innovative, “outside the box” thinking can change the world. 



Sergie Albino
Sergie Albino, a former NASA aerospace engineer contractor turned entrepreneur, was first introduced to environmental technologies while working at NASA. Recognizing the global impact of breakthrough technologies in PCB and dioxin remediation, Sergie collaborated with NASA’s Tech Transfer Program and founded ecoSPEARS to create a better world by advancing the commercialization of clean technologies for worldwide environmental applications.
September 24, 12:30
12:30 — 12:45EST(GMT-4) (15′)

Climate, Education, Environment, Inequalities, Leave No One Behind, Partnerships, Technology

Sergie Albino (ecoSPEARS Inc)