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GRID is a social impact gaming studio which aims to create digital games that educate, engage and empower people, especially those among the bottom billion, towards positive behavior change. GRID games target 60% of the SDGs with topics including reproductive health, climate action, tolerance and diversity, animal compassion, financial literacy and Covid-19.



Mariam Nusrat
Founder & Director, GRID - Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development
Mariam Nusrat is the Founder of the social venture GRID-Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development, a social impact gaming studio creating video games for behavior change. Since it’s launch GRID has received extensive media attention with articles in Huffington Post, Washington Post, Daily Mail UK and others. Mariam has also presented GRID at several high level forums including, two sessions moderated by President Clinton at CGIU Meetings and two Tedx events in DC. She is also the recipient of the CGIU Honor Roll Alum award, 2018 AdamStart Entrepreneurship Award, 2015 Andrew E. Rice Award for Leadership and Innovation, the Knapp Fellowship and the GWU Public-Service Grant Commission Award.
September 24, 13:10
13:10 — 13:15 EST (GMT-5) (5′)

Creativity & Culture, Education, Partnerships, Technology

Mariam Nusrat (GRID)


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