#SDGButterflyEffect AR Commitment Corner

UN SDG Action Campaign

Every ACTION, big and small, can have a transformative impact in making the Goals a reality! This AR exhibit showcases the #SDGbutterflyEffect to transform the world and show that we stand and fly behind the Goals! Augmented Reality and the digital flying wall brings illustrated art to life by turning each of the 17 SDGs into wings. Visitors will be invited to step out of the comfort zone of their cocoons, take action and start a butterfly effect to catalyze action for the Goals.

Virtual Reality Film Screenings

MY World 360° is a growing community of young creators from around the world using immersive media to share their perspectives on how the Sustainable Development Goals are relevant in their communities to inspire action for the Goals. MYWorld 2019 selection presents a collection of youth-produced immersive stories from around the world that spotlight issues most relevant to young people and their communities. In addition to MY World 360°, explore virtual reality films on the Goals from from other leading content creators!

Advancing the Global Goals with AI


We believe in technology’s potential to support this progress, but it is only possible when organizations of all types have the resources needed to harness technology. We’re proud to not only align our approach with the Global Goals, but also support others with the resources needed to do the same. The exhibit includes 4 experiences: Bolo, a speech-based app, helps kids learn to read with their own voice. Your Plan, Your Planet, an interactive tool to understand your environmental impact. The Environmental Insights Explorer is designed to make it easier for cities to access climate-relevant datasets. Pest Management, powered by Wadhwani AI, aims to reduce pesticide usage and improve crop yield with AI.

Rotating exhibits

Our World United to End Polio: Interactive Multimedia Stories

UN Foundation

Monday, 23 September
The global effort to eradicate polio, the largest public-private partnership in public health, would not be possible without the involvement of over 20 million volunteers worldwide, who over the past 20 years have helped immunize nearly 3 billion children. Learn more

Lost City of Mer: Chapter 1 - VR and Smartphone App

Astrea Media Inc. in collaboration with Auckland University of Technology

Monday, 23 September – Morning
Lost City of Mer is a cross platform smartphone app and interactive VR game immersing players in a magical undersea civilization devastated by climate change. The science-based fantasy, based on UN data, uses the myth of the mermaid – popular with youth worldwide – to inspire action Learn more

Mental Health for All: Speak Your Mind

United for Global Mental Health

Monday, 23 September – Afternoon
World leaders will join grassroots campaigners to launch Speak Your Mind, a new global civil society campaign calling for greater action on mental health. Learn more

The Other Bar, Ecuadorian chocolate powered by blockchain that promotes radical equality, and mixed reality and special computing

UNDP Ecuador, Fairchain Foundation, AltFinLab, Magic Leap

Tuesday, 24 September
Produced in Ecuador using the world’s finest cocoa, The Other Bar features blockchain-powered virtual tokens. Customers have a choice to use them in their next purchase or invest right back into the farmers who produced it. Introducing Radical Equality to the chocolate industry. Learn more

UNDP Innovation team’s AltFin Lab will also feature: ‘Using Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing to Help Climate Change Policymakers to Address the Greatest Challenge of Our Time’ done by Magic Leap and UNDP AltFinLab.

Youth Engagement in SDG Actions with “Mapting”

Soka Gakkai International

Tuesday, 24 September – Morning
Mapting is a free participatory app that invites users to share sustainable development actions taken around the world to reach the SDGs and to spread positive messages through videos and pictures. Learn more

Global Climate sHeroes

Human Impacts Institute

Tuesday, 24 September – Afternoon
Human Impact Stories are personal tales of innovation with impacts that matter. Climate sHeroes gives a sneak peek into the lives and work of amazing women from the Global South who are addressing the root causes of climate change and inspiring others to take a stand. Learn more

Gender data playground

UN Women

Wednesday, 25 September – Morning
The gender data playground is an opportunity to showcase the Women Count Data hub and allow participants to use the data hub themselves, and interact with it. Users can generate visualizations and then share them on social media. Learn more

EarthX: Changing the Climate on Climate Change


Wednesday, 25 September
​EarthX brings together business, government, academia, environmental groups and concerned citizens to reduce polarization and increase collaboration for innovative sustainable solutions with impact in support of the SDGs. EarthX is a member of the UN RCE on ESD in North Texas.​ Learn more

SDG Policy Simulator & SDG Architect Board Game

Millennium Institute

Wednesday, 25 September – Afternoon
Thursday, 26 September – Morning

Demonstration of iSDG®, an interactive simulation platform for stakeholders to design policy interventions aimed at achieving the SDGs; and SDG Architect™ , a competitive board game where players develop and implement a strategy to achieve sustainable development. Learn more

Humanitarian Booking Hub: Pioneering UN reform through inter-agency collaboration

World Food Programme

Thursday, 26 September – Morning
The Humanitarian Booking Hub – powered by WFP – allows 24/7 online booking of UN Accommodation, UNHAS Flights, UN Drivers, UN Clinics and Office spaces offered by 7 agencies collaborating together to support staff in the field delivering last mile aid. Learn more

The SDG Digital Investment Framework and Call to Action

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL)

Thursday, 26 September – Afternoon
Come learn about the benefits of taking a whole of government approach to building and deploying digital services and explore a live demo of an online “registry” of existing technology applications that can help governments improve their digital investments to achieve the SDGs.Learn more

Miami Empathy Tech - An Immersive SDG Youth Programming R&D Project

Code Explorers

Thursday, 26 September – Afternoon
The first 3D/360 immersive R&D program for K-12 students in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Using a 3D/360 platform with AI, participants will learn 3D programming skills while applying empathy to create sustainable solutions for a better world. Learn more

Island Faces of Climate Change

Sanne Zurné in collaboration with Island Impact

Friday, 27 September
The exhibit will showcase a selection of captivating photos by Dutch photographer Sanne Zurné whose project highlights the human scale of the impact of climate change to islands based on her time on Kiribati. The digital exhibit will also include online polling of the audience. Learn more

Engaging Youth with the SDGs through Comics

PCI Media and UNICEF

Friday, 27 September
Comics Uniting Nations is an initiative between PCI Media and UNICEF, in collaboration with The World’s Largest Lesson, which utilizes the universal visual language and transformative power of comics to spread the messages of the SDGs to people throughout the world. Learn more