Film selection

Cipó de Jabuti — Amazon Riverine Stories

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(8 mins) A virtual reality mini documentary entirely filmed in the Amazon rainforest, created by youth at Global Shapers Community, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Watch

Youth Producers: Odenilze Ramos (22), Rafael Bittencourt (21) and Guilherme Novak (24)

Tu Prejuicio, Mi Identidad (Your Prejudice, My Identity)

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(4 mins) A video showing how the gaze or opinion of others can make individuals feel oppressed and judged for their gender or identity, created by students at Fundación Puerta 18, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Watch

Youth Producers: Brenda B. (13), Ignacio M. (21), Yazmin B. (17), Gianluca B. (16), Jeremy S. (14), Manuel Jesus S. (20), Rocío T. (18), Marcos T. (15), Ezequiel H. (19), Álvaro C (14), Ulises R. (18), Iván L. (17), Renata Z. (13), Stephanie I. (19), and Guido Q. (14)
Mentor: Andrés Díaz

Diversity in Sham Shui Po

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(8 mins) A portrait of Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po district, where diversity thrives, created by students at the University of Hong Kong. Watch

Youth Producers: Fung Gabriel (19), Tang Wai Yin Antonia (20), Lam Tse Tin (22), Zheng Wei (21), Liu Leran (20), Ma Guolei (23)

The Forgotten Ones

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(4 mins) An immersive narrative that places viewers into the largest dumpsite in Eastern Africa, told from the perspective of the dumpsite itself, created by youth producers at BlackRhinoVR, Nairobi, Kenya. Watch

Youth Producer: Charles Muchiri (22)

Decolonize Your Eyes

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(4 mins) We seek to decolonize narratives about the favela and communities of Rio de Janeiro through the stories of its residents, created by youth at GatoMÍDIA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Watch

Youth Producers: Andressa Santos (20), Nicole Pereira (22)
Mentors: George Ferreira, Raull Santigo, Marcela Lisboa, Leonardo Souza, Jonathan Thomaz, João Araió, Thamyra Thâmara

The Farm Cops — For a Hunger Free Society

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(2 mins 20 secs) A profile of activities at a school farm aimed at equipping students to be farming ambassadors who can bring lifelong skills to their own communities, created by students at Gayaza High School, Kampala, Uganda. Watch

Youth Producers: Katriana. A (15), Mitchelle. M (15), Mildred. M (16) , Sarah. N (17) and Rebecca. M (17)
Mentor: Theode Niyirinda


Around the Same Table

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(4 mins 40 secs) A story about the importance of sustainable farming and the community it brings together, created by students at Cedar Ridge High School, North Carolina, United States. Watch

Youth Producers: Justus A. (17) and Charles B. (17)
Mentors: Andrea DeGette and Alexis Barnes

Break the Bias

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(5 mins) A story about the impact of gender biases children face throughout their lives, created by youth affiliated with iEARN-India, Pune, India. Watch

Youth Producers: Anish P (18), Mihir P (17), Sakshi G (17), Avani K (16), Radhika K (18), Sukhada B (17), Chinmay M (18), Sachi L (16), Ketaki P (16), Omkar J (17, Rohan D. (15)
Mentors: Sunita Bhagwat and Mrunal Potnis

Ribeirinhos — The Struggle of a People

MY World 360, Digital Promise, Oculus, UN SDG Action Campaign

(6 mins) Students document the daily struggles faced by people living on the river banks across from Breves, Brazil, created by students at High School Maria Elizete Fona Nunes, Breves, Brazil in partnership with Recode. Watch

Youth Creators: Breno Amaral (20), Divany Guimarães (20), Gleice Clara (19), Wesley Pinheiro (18)
Mentor: Marcos Paulo de Oliveira Barros


Sundance, VR Wallworth, Yawanawa Sociocultural Association

(18 mins, will be screened on Wednesday, 25 September) For the Amazonian Yawanawa, ‘medicine’ has the power to transport you in a vision to a world within the world you know. At their request, artist Lynette Wallworth uses our technology like medicine, hoping to fulfill a dream of theirs: to open a portal within us to another way.

Pearls of NY Harbor

Overview Collective in partnership with Billion Oyster Project

(5 mins) In the 1600s, there were 220,000 acres of oyster reefs in NY Harbor; but by the 1900s, it was mostly lifeless due to pollution, dredging and overharvesting. Join the Billion Oyster Project as they incubate, harvest and regenerate this delicate keystone species.

X-Ray Fashion 360

Connect4Climate - World Bank Group / Vulcan Productions

(10 mins) Created by MANND, directed by Francesco Carrozzini, produced by Vulcan Productions and Connect4Climate – World Bank Group. X-Ray Fashion is a cinematic VR documentary that illuminates the environmental impacts of fast-fashion and highlights sustainable fashion solutions.

Guardians of the Forest

Co.Reality in partnership with Scenic & United Nations Virtual Reality

(10 mins) The Amazon is burning. Decades of environmental protections have been undone and ecological devastation has accelerated to an unimaginable pace and scale. Stand next to indigenous leaders from the Guajajara community in Brazil, the last line of defense fighting deforestation in the Amazon in their quest to bring illegal loggers to justice.


New Reality Company (Milica Zec and Winslow Porter)

(10 mins) Tree is an award-winning multi-sensory VR installation that allows you to experience a rainforest tree’s life from a seedling to its fullest form. Your arms are branches, your body a trunk, and you can hear, smell, and feel the rainforest as you grow. Read more

Views from the Frontline: From industrialisation to toxicity

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)

(2 mins 13 secs) Industrialisation in Chile has led to high levels of air pollution and soil & water contamination in the coastal areas of Puchuncavi and Quintero. In 2018 more than 700 adults and 400 children of Quintero and Puchuncavi were hospitalised due to toxin induced illnesses. Watch

Views from the Frontline: Stepping from house to sea

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)

(1 min 38 secs) Langue de Barbarie is a thin strip of land off the north coast of Senegal. Sea level rise has eroded close to a kilometre of the coastline. Community members remember walking out at least 1 km from their homes to the sea. Now the sea is barely 10 feet away from their houses. Watch

A Day in the Life of a Community Health Worker

Living Goods, Epic Foundation

(2 mins) In Uganda, Proskevin Narbora—a community health worker—provides lifesaving primary care to her community. She diagnoses and treats illnesses, including malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea, and helps pregnant and new mothers. See a day in her life and the power of a Community Health Worker. Watch

The Garden of Eden - Maternal health in Afghanistan

EMERGENCY -Life Support for Civilian War Victims

(5 mins 18 secs) In 2003, EMERGENCY opened the Anabah Maternity Centre in the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan. This women-run centre for women has proven to be crucial for maternal-infant health. As of today, the Centre performed 350,000 consultations to women and 56,000 have been born there. Watch