Climate justice: Building bridges between climate action and human rights

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 It’s impossible to separate climate change from inequality and injustice, but there is hope for change. Lisa Manley, Vice President of Sustainability at Mars – a long time social and environmental activist will talk about why she is hopeful about the climate justice movement.   Speaker [tmm name=”climate-justice-building-bridges-between-climate-action-and-human-rights-2″]

UN Digest: UN- Habitat, World Metereological Organization

UN Digest: UN- Habitat UN Digest: World Metereological Organization UN Digest | Stage 1 As a series of touch points each day, UN leaders will share a thematic digest in short ‘explainer’ videos. UN leaders from across the UN System will share the vision for their organization’s efforts responding to the urgency to accelerate action […]

Climate and Education: Urgency + Optimism = Action Through Climate Education

Breakout session | Stage 3 Host: World’s Largest Lesson Education is so central for facilitating development that each one of the 17 SDGs includes a target which relates to or depends upon learning and education. Yet education curricula still remain rooted in the past. If we want to find solutions for the climate and environmental […]

Climate and Fragility: Reimagining risk and resilience for a global future

Breakout session | Stage 2   Host: ODI People and our planet face multiple and increasingly complex threats. Vulnerable communities in the poorest countries must navigate an assault course of interrelated threats – exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. From environmental degradation including climate change, increasing economic and financial instability, to the increasing spread of organised […]


Breakout session | Stage 1   Host: UN Climate Change COVID19 has not stopped the climate emergency. In fact – while the world continues to grapple with the impacts of the pandemic – 2020 is poised to become yet another year of temperature records and devastating weather extremes. But while we are standing at the […]