Immersive Productions and Performances |Stage 1 The future is ours: Uncle Sam’s Alphabet Soup by Meera DasGupta The Future Is Ours: Uncle Sam’s Alphabet Soup is an original work, written, performed and filmed by Meera DasGupta. It speaks to civic engagement and ways to promote the quality of life in communities. Girl Be Heard cast […]


UN Digest: UNAIDS UN Digest: UN DESA UN Digest| Stage 1 As a series of touch points each day, UN leaders will share a thematic digest in short ‘explainer’ videos. UN leaders from across the UN System will share the vision for their organization’s efforts responding to the urgency to accelerate action to deliver the […]

Immersive Productions and Performances

Immersive Productions and Performances | Stage 1 9PM MY World 360° 2020 Selection Imagine the loneliness of simultaneously being surrounded by people in a bustling city and yet living alone. 9pm is a story about the issue of loneliness in South Korea, which many can relate to in the wake of COVID-19. Created by Komeil […]

Immersive Productions and Performances

Immersive Productions and Performances | Stage 1 Let Me Be The One The world is passing through challenging times. Yet, in moments like this we must realize our collective humanity and our power to create the change the world needs. ‘Let Me Be The One’ is a song created to inspire people around the world […]

Immersive Productions and Performances

Immersive Productions and Performances | Stage 1 Better World 2030 MY World 360° 2020 Collection Better World 2030 is an AR experience to help us visualize a world in which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have already been achieved. You can visualize virtual ecosystems in AR that demonstrates that SDG being accomplished (in both obvious […]

Utilizing NASA Technology and Innovation to Clean the World

Reimagine Talk | Stage 1 At NASA Kennedy Space Center, Sergie Albino worked as an aerospace engineer contractor, helping prototype a green, sustainable technology to clean persistent toxins from contaminated sediment called SPEARS. Recognizing the potential of this cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology, he co-founded an innovative cleantech company to take this solution to market. In […]

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: GRASSROOTS Local Innovations to Accelerate Action

Breakout session | Stage 3 Host: UNDP Accelerator Labs Developing countries face significantly complex challenges, including multifactor poverty as well as global phenomena like climate change, pollution, and rising extremism, which must be addressed through a local lens. The session will highlight new solutions that are locally relevant and locally driven, that can be adapted, […]

Dante Movement: Sustainability with popcorn!

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 The Dante Movement is an open invitation to filmmakers, artists & producers around the world to highlight data from the 2030 Agenda in movies & artistic series. The creators of Dante will share their story and how their methodology balances entertaining fiction with accurate scientific data. Speakers [tmm name=”dante-movement-sustainability-with-popcorn-2″]

Immersive productions and performances

Immersive Productions and Performances | Stage 1 Living Beyond Borders ‘Living Beyond Borders’ is a poem performance about the on-going conflict the world is facing right now and how the world had always faced this before time and again. The poem will show the plight, the suffering, the inhumane treatment people of different race, ethnicity, […]