Immersive productions and performances

Immersive Productions and Performances | Stage 1 From screens to the streets: Art for people and planet GreenPoint Innovations, the UN SDG Action Campaign, the Climate Group/Climate Week NYC and partners have teamed up for GreenPoint EARTH 2020 #Screens2Streets to invite artists all over the world to share how the Sustainable Development Goals inspire them, […]

Immersive productions and performances

  Immersive productions and performances | Stage 1 Rally Call – Moving from Black and White to Living in Full Color The performance includes live music, recorded video, sound and movement, intimate conversation and truth telling by an award-winning Jazz singer and playwright. Participants will understand what it means to leave behind black and white […]

Ensuring Migrants’ Access to Healthcare in COVID-19

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 Migrants face formal and informal barriers to access to services, including cost and fear of detention upon seeking public services. Obstacles to accessible healthcare are exacerbated in the pandemic, risking deepened inequalities and faster spread of COVID-19.   Speakers [tmm name=”ensuring-migrants-access-to-healthcare-in-covid-19″]

Climate justice: Building bridges between climate action and human rights

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 It’s impossible to separate climate change from inequality and injustice, but there is hope for change. Lisa Manley, Vice President of Sustainability at Mars – a long time social and environmental activist will talk about why she is hopeful about the climate justice movement.   Speaker [tmm name=”climate-justice-building-bridges-between-climate-action-and-human-rights-2″]

UN Digest: UN- Habitat, World Metereological Organization

UN Digest: UN- Habitat UN Digest: World Metereological Organization UN Digest | Stage 1 As a series of touch points each day, UN leaders will share a thematic digest in short ‘explainer’ videos. UN leaders from across the UN System will share the vision for their organization’s efforts responding to the urgency to accelerate action […]

SDG Moment in focus – People

SDG Moment in focus – People | Stage 1   This session will provide a deeper dive into what is at stake, and what is needed for achieving healthy societies, gender parity and ending inequalities and extreme poverty in this current climate. The principals from the UN Development Programme, UN Women and the UN Environment […]

Protecting Society: Reversing Economic, Gender and Power Inequalities to Supercharge the SDGs

Breakout session | Stage 1  Host: Oxfam  Going back to pre-pandemic policies and politics won’t solve the crises of our times or achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Extreme inequality had left our health systems, economies and societies unprepared for Coronavirus, and the pandemic widened those inequalities even further. Now our world is hurting, but it […]

LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND: Bridging the digital divide

Breakout Session | Stage 1 Host: UNCTAD The COVID-19 pandemic shows the strengths and importance of the digital economy. Today, only half of the world’s 7.7 billion people are connected to the internet and its benefits. This limits the ability of many developing countries to use digital solutions to cope with the current health and […]