Immersive productions and performances

Immersive Productions and Performances | Stage 1 Living Beyond Borders ‘Living Beyond Borders’ is a poem performance about the on-going conflict the world is facing right now and how the world had always faced this before time and again. The poem will show the plight, the suffering, the inhumane treatment people of different race, ethnicity, […]

Immersive productions and performances

  Immersive productions and performances | Stage 1 Rally Call – Moving from Black and White to Living in Full Color The performance includes live music, recorded video, sound and movement, intimate conversation and truth telling by an award-winning Jazz singer and playwright. Participants will understand what it means to leave behind black and white […]

The future of work: Digital skills and decent jobs for youth

  Breakout Session | Stage 3 Host: Microsoft Rapid technological advances are transforming the world of work, bringing both opportunities and challenges. As “digital natives”, young people tend to be early adopters of new technologies. Strengthening their skills for the future of work and matching their creativity and innovation with technology-based solutions will pave the […]

PROTECTING JOBS: Decent Work Solutions for a Just Transition

Breakout Session | Stage 3 Host: International Labour Organisation (ILO) Decent work is not just a Goal, it is a driver of sustainable development. In order to achieve decent work for all and the broader 2030 Agenda, a just transition to sustainable development is fundamental. It will enable millions more people to overcome poverty and deliver […]