Past, Present, Futures: Intergenerational Resilience Across Beijing+25

Breakout session | Stage 1 Host: Restless Development Tangible successes from the women’s rights movement, feminist leadership from Member States, as well as meaningful youth-led movements and innovations have significantly supported SDG5 and the Beijing+25 platform. This dialogue was conceived to bridge knowledge between earlier feminists from Beijing 1995, government stakeholders, and new and emerging […]

Immersive Productions and Performances

Immersive Productions and Performances | Stage 1 Better World 2030 MY World 360° 2020 Collection Better World 2030 is an AR experience to help us visualize a world in which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have already been achieved. You can visualize virtual ecosystems in AR that demonstrates that SDG being accomplished (in both obvious […]

Accelerating Progress Toward the SDGs with AI

Host: Google | Stage 1 Amina J. Mohammed (UN Deputy Secretary General) and Ruth Porat (SVP and CFO of Google and Alphabet) SVP and CFO reconvene one year after speaking about the need for AI to become a powerful force for the Global Goals. In our first ‘annual AI check in’ a panel of experts in […]


Recap | Stage 1 A live hosted recap moment designed to thread together the narrative of the programme, draw out key highlights and notable announcements, bringing new viewers up-to-speed and point them to view on demand content that has already been featured. Speaker [tmm name=”live-recap-host-sdg-action-zone”]

Video games for behavior change

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 GRID is a social impact gaming studio which aims to create digital games that educate, engage and empower people, especially those among the bottom billion, towards positive behavior change. GRID games target 60% of the SDGs with topics including reproductive health, climate action, tolerance and diversity, animal compassion, financial literacy […]

Envisioning a better world with VR/AR

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 In this talk, Guilherme Novak will tell a story about the power of using Virtual and Augmented Reality to collaborate with young activists and come up with innovative solutions towards the SDGs. The talk will educate and inspire others  on how to use immersive technologies towards SDG solutions.   Speaker […]

Utilizing NASA Technology and Innovation to Clean the World

Reimagine Talk | Stage 1 At NASA Kennedy Space Center, Sergie Albino worked as an aerospace engineer contractor, helping prototype a green, sustainable technology to clean persistent toxins from contaminated sediment called SPEARS. Recognizing the potential of this cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology, he co-founded an innovative cleantech company to take this solution to market. In […]

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: GRASSROOTS Local Innovations to Accelerate Action

Breakout session | Stage 3 Host: UNDP Accelerator Labs Developing countries face significantly complex challenges, including multifactor poverty as well as global phenomena like climate change, pollution, and rising extremism, which must be addressed through a local lens. The session will highlight new solutions that are locally relevant and locally driven, that can be adapted, […]

Innovative Solutions: Youth Activism – Changing the game with SDG micro-projects

Breakout session | Stage 2 Host: Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens If every young person started an SDG micro-project, the world would look drastically different in a year. We believe that to achieve real progress in implementing the SDGs, we need to catalyze all global citizens around the world, particularly young people and women. […]