Accountability during COVID and its impacts

Breakout Session | Stage 2 Host: Connected Development During such unprecedented times such as COVID-19, many African countries were forced  to look to their leaders in the hope that they would lead and guide their nations through and onwards out of the  pandemic. With large sums of donations pledged towards the fight against COVID-19, this […]

Women Rise for All – “Together we are stronger”

Breakout Session | Stage 1 Host: Women Rise for All In April 2020, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed  launched Women Rise for All to bring together influential women leaders from around the globe to share how their leadership is shaping the COVID-19 response and what it will take to build back better. […]

Islands Supporting Islands: Catalyzing Partnerships for the Decade of Action to 2030

Breakout Session Host: Local 2030 Islands Network Impacts of COVID-19 and the prospects for SDG realization are hitting islands hardest, affecting tourism economies, food systems and food supplies. At the same time, island communities are the engines of solutions, innovations, and culture. This event will showcase how islands, in coming together and working within and […]

Creative philanthropy: Communicating for impact

Breakout session | Stage 2 Host: Talenthouse Creativity sits at the heart of the engaging content that is needed to inform, unite, challenge and inspire people into changing behaviours and taking positive action. Creativity can transcend borders, cultures, languages and be used as a powerful tool to support the SDG’s. Scalable creative solutions are needed […]

A New Generation of Impact for the Global Goals

Breakout Session | Stage 3 Host: Youtube We are looking forward to convening a global range of influencers to discuss how the role of creators has changed in recent years in response to the way in which activism has evolved and the expectation of those with a channel, to also have a cause. With the […]

Mobilization and Action: Mobilizing the Masses

Breakout session | Stage 3 Host: The Big 6 Youth Organizations Big 6 Youth Organizations will host a youth-led discussion considering what it takes to mobilize young people at scale in the context of the Decade of Action. A mistake made by the development community is designing campaigns aimed at young people without actually engaging […]

Data and Action: Factivism through Timely Data

Breakout session | Stage 2 Host: Project Everyone + GPSDD + SDSN To ensure we achieve the Global Goals, we need to know how much or how little progress we have made towards achieving them, what the state of the world is and identify the gaps in data available. SDGs Today is a new timely […]

Past, Present, Futures: Intergenerational Resilience Across Beijing+25

Breakout session | Stage 1 Host: Restless Development Tangible successes from the women’s rights movement, feminist leadership from Member States, as well as meaningful youth-led movements and innovations have significantly supported SDG5 and the Beijing+25 platform. This dialogue was conceived to bridge knowledge between earlier feminists from Beijing 1995, government stakeholders, and new and emerging […]