Breakout session | Stage 1 Host: B Lab For over a decade, B Corps have pioneered a better way of doing business and, in doing so, provided a proof-of concept that a stakeholder-centric global economy is possible. These business leaders, like all of us, now find themselves asking what it means to deliver for a […]

Climate and Education: Urgency + Optimism = Action Through Climate Education

Breakout session | Stage 3 Host: World’s Largest Lesson Education is so central for facilitating development that each one of the 17 SDGs includes a target which relates to or depends upon learning and education. Yet education curricula still remain rooted in the past. If we want to find solutions for the climate and environmental […]

Climate and Fragility: Reimagining risk and resilience for a global future

Breakout session | Stage 2   Host: ODI People and our planet face multiple and increasingly complex threats. Vulnerable communities in the poorest countries must navigate an assault course of interrelated threats – exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. From environmental degradation including climate change, increasing economic and financial instability, to the increasing spread of organised […]


Breakout session | Stage 1   Host: UN Climate Change COVID19 has not stopped the climate emergency. In fact – while the world continues to grapple with the impacts of the pandemic – 2020 is poised to become yet another year of temperature records and devastating weather extremes. But while we are standing at the […]

The future of work: Digital skills and decent jobs for youth

  Breakout Session | Stage 3 Host: Microsoft Rapid technological advances are transforming the world of work, bringing both opportunities and challenges. As “digital natives”, young people tend to be early adopters of new technologies. Strengthening their skills for the future of work and matching their creativity and innovation with technology-based solutions will pave the […]

The Future of Leadership: When Women Lead

  Breakout session | Stage 1 Host: Women Political Leaders The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of evidence based research to deliver on inclusive and sustainable policy solutions. The Reykjavik Index, as well as other data and recent examples of global female leadership throughout the pandemic, clearly show that perceptions play an important role […]

NEW PATHWAYS: Cities Leading the Way

Breakout session | Stage 3 Host: UCLG The COVID-19 global health crisis has provided a stark reminder of the important role local governments play in service provision at a city level; from basic education and healthcare access, to decent housing and effective public transport. And the pandemic has also underscored the capacity of cities to […]

NEW PATHWAYS: Under the Influence – Online Solutions to Real World Violence

  Breakout Session | Stage 2 Host: The Spotlight Initiative and The Social Good Club In recent years, social media has played an important role in bringing awareness and driving public action and engagement towards social change, from #MeToo to #BlackLivesMatter. The coronavirus pandemic and its related lockdowns have contributed to a significant increase in […]