Unlocking hope: a conversation with Mohamed Salah, refugee students and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees on quality education for all

Reimagine talk Introduced by the High Commissioner for Refugees, four refugee students from Africa join UNHCR and Vodafone Foundation’s Instant Network Schools Ambassador, Mohamed Salah to call for bold action to tackle the devastating gap in access to quality education for refugee students – a gap exacerbated by COVID-19. Salah hears from four young refugee […]

Act Now

Lightning Talk Every one of us can help limit global warming and take care of our planet. By changing our habits and making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment, we have the power to confront the climate challenge and build a more sustainable world. AWorld, a platform built to drive people toward […]

Reimagining the future of food: What if?

Reimagine Talk | Stage 1 It’s time to ask yourself the question, what if? Are you ready to reimagine the future of food? Speakers [tmm name=”reimagining-the-future-of-food-what-if”]

The Goalkeepers Global Goals Award Winners

Reimagine Talks | Stage 1 Host: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers The Goalkeepers Global Goals Award winners 2020 in discussion with Goalkeepers Advisory Board member Dr. Angel Adelaja. Speakers [tmm name=”the-goalkeepers-global-goals-award-winners”]

Video games for behavior change

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 GRID is a social impact gaming studio which aims to create digital games that educate, engage and empower people, especially those among the bottom billion, towards positive behavior change. GRID games target 60% of the SDGs with topics including reproductive health, climate action, tolerance and diversity, animal compassion, financial literacy […]

Envisioning a better world with VR/AR

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 In this talk, Guilherme Novak will tell a story about the power of using Virtual and Augmented Reality to collaborate with young activists and come up with innovative solutions towards the SDGs. The talk will educate and inspire others  on how to use immersive technologies towards SDG solutions.   Speaker […]

Utilizing NASA Technology and Innovation to Clean the World

Reimagine Talk | Stage 1 At NASA Kennedy Space Center, Sergie Albino worked as an aerospace engineer contractor, helping prototype a green, sustainable technology to clean persistent toxins from contaminated sediment called SPEARS. Recognizing the potential of this cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology, he co-founded an innovative cleantech company to take this solution to market. In […]

Dante Movement: Sustainability with popcorn!

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 The Dante Movement is an open invitation to filmmakers, artists & producers around the world to highlight data from the 2030 Agenda in movies & artistic series. The creators of Dante will share their story and how their methodology balances entertaining fiction with accurate scientific data. Speakers [tmm name=”dante-movement-sustainability-with-popcorn-2″]

Whom to blame?: Rethink Waste Management

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 Let’s Do It World leads World Cleanup Day with the aim to raise awareness about waste, engage and connect people and stakeholders, to cure trash blindness, and change behaviour. World Cleanup Day 2019 brought together 21.2 million people from 180 countries. This story will enforce that global problems need a […]