10 Years of Promoting Sustainable Consumption

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 In this talk, Ren Wan will share the failures and insights she has gained from the past 9 years of upcycling and promoting secondhand clothing to modern-day consumers in Hong Kong. Her experiences have demonstrated that sustainable fashion consumption is not about products – it is about education and experience. […]

Ensuring Migrants’ Access to Healthcare in COVID-19

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 Migrants face formal and informal barriers to access to services, including cost and fear of detention upon seeking public services. Obstacles to accessible healthcare are exacerbated in the pandemic, risking deepened inequalities and faster spread of COVID-19.   Speakers [tmm name=”ensuring-migrants-access-to-healthcare-in-covid-19″]

Climate justice: Building bridges between climate action and human rights

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 It’s impossible to separate climate change from inequality and injustice, but there is hope for change. Lisa Manley, Vice President of Sustainability at Mars – a long time social and environmental activist will talk about why she is hopeful about the climate justice movement.   Speaker [tmm name=”climate-justice-building-bridges-between-climate-action-and-human-rights-2″]

The Pursuit of Impact

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 The talk will showcase a solution founded by Ahmad Ashkar, the Hult Prize Foundation, which transforms how young people envision their own possibilities as leaders of change in the world around them. The Hult Prize has brought impact-focused programs, events and training to over a million students globally – with […]

Inclusion: A necessity, not a gift

Lightning Talk | Stage 1 Human Rights and marginality are intrinsically connected. Kolanyane-Kesupile asks how we can work, individually and collaboratively, to ensure that inclusion isn’t the result of benevolent gifting, while recognizing the importance of people on the margins contributing to every inch of progress made? Speakers [tmm name=”inclusion-a-necessity-not-a-gift-2″]

In Conversation with Connie Britton

Reimagine Talk | Stage 1 Connie Britton will explore the impact of the pandemic on women and mothers around the world. Speakers [tmm name=”in-conversation-with-connie-britton”]

In conversation with Sal Khan

  Reimagine Talk | Stage 1 On the topic of inclusive education, Sal Khan will reflect on why and how we can’t go back to business as usual.  Speakers [tmm name=”in-conversation-with-salman-khan”]

From Dream to Delivery: How Microsoft & UNICEF came together to bring learning to millions

  Lightning Talk | Stage 1 This talk will focus on how UNICEF and Microsoft launched a global learning platform to help address the COVID-19 education crisis through the Learning Passport, a partnership between UNICEF, Microsoft, Cambridge University, with support from the Boston Consulting Group. Speakers [tmm name=”from-dream-to-delivery-how-microsoft-unicef-came-together-to-bring-learning-to-millions-2″]


View session video Click here to view Closing ceremony During this particular high-level week of the 74th General Assembly, the SDG Strategy Hub and the SDG Action Campaign co-organized the SDG Action Zone responding to a desire from non-member state UN stakeholders to be part of this momentum in a meaningful and impactful way. The Zone […]